Closed-circuit television is essential if you're serious about protecting your people, premises and property.

CCTV has seen incredible advances in recent years, transforming its capability out of all recognition. These advances significantly improve security performance and vastly reduce installation and maintenance costs.

  • High Definition cameras with up to 30 megapixel (7k)

  • Wireless networking capability to link cameras to controllers and recording devices

  • Improved image compression to reduce storage costs

  • AI Artificial Intelligence is helping reduce crime, retrieving complex information in minutes or even seconds

IP NRG design, install and maintain CCTV solutions that are fit for the purpose you intend. Based in Kent, we have a network of engineers across the UK. We offer moderate or high-end state of the art solution to fit all budgets using only the latest advanced systems. Our solutions are only specified after we have fully determined your needs with a thorough Security Risk Assessment.

CCTV is the core element of an integrated system and can be integrated with access control, intruder alarms and fire systems.

Whatever your application, and wherever your location. IP NRG has the field knowledge of CCTV solutions provide outstanding performance and value to help you achieve your security objectives.


IP Access Control

Electronic access control provides a more secure management service to secure a premises.

Access control lets you manage entry and exit to your site and buildings through doors, turnstiles, gates and barriers. Access control systems can manage access to secure areas of high sensitivity within your buildings.

Access control lets you operate entrances and exits with:

  • Keypads to enter a Keycode

  • Key Fob or Card presented to a Proximity Readers

Access control systems can be standalone, managed by an existing security system or implemented as part of an integrated security solution design.

IP NRG can integrate the access control system with an HD CCTV and utilise further technologies like biometrics and facial detection.Voice access systems ensure the persons passing in or out of access controlled area is verified. We provide access control systems fully support remote applications to enable monitoring to manage and maintain the system anywhere for ease of support.


Fire Alarm Systems

For many businesses, fire alarm systems aren't an optional extra - they are an essential legal requirement.

Protecting life with appropriate fire safety measures remains one of the most important health and safety requirements for commercial premises. Whether it's an office, to a recycling plant, employees, visitors and members of the public all need to be protected from the risk of fire with appropriately designed alarms and ancillary systems.

Fire alarm system design

IP NRG and accredited BAFE FIA partners design fire alarm systems by completing a comprehensive fire risk assessment. A fire alarm installation may be deployed in conjunction with sprinklers or other types of fire suppression systems.

Integrating CCTV with a fire alarm installation enables visual verification of fire and prevents Fire and Rescue response to false alarms.

We provide a range of the following fire and smoke detection technologies

  • Heat detector

  • Video smoke and fire detection

  • Smoke detector

  • Flame detector

  • Fire aspiration system

Besides the primary objective of saving lives, a good fire alarm and suppression system may lead to reductions in your insurance premiums as well as minimising damage in the event of a fire.

Free Site security survey

Whether it is installing a new system, upgrading an existing one, or understanding the legal requirement or response policies of Fire and Rescue, make IP NRG your first stop when you need the certainty of expert advice on any aspect of fire alarm systems.

IP NRG provides a UK-wide service to provide fire risk assessments, consultancy, design, installation, monitoring and maintenance services. With our fire safety expertise, you the customer have supreme confidence in knowing that fire safety measures are up to scratch and in line with all applicable regulatory codes and conform to.

This is normally determined by a Fire Risk Assessment and should be provided as part of the fire system specification.

BS5839 split fire alarm systems into 3 system design categories:

  • Category P Systems

  • Category L Systems

  • Category M Systems



Fire alarms legislation

Current legislation demands that all business premises must have fire detection and fire warning system, which includes fire alarms, emergency lighting and fire doors. Failure to adhere to these laws can lead to penalties of £5,000 for minor infringements and up to 2 years imprisonment for more serious breach.

All fire alarm systems must be installed by professionals, tested, and maintained regularly. Someone in the workplace - termed 'a responsible person' - should be nominated for overseeing fire safety.


Intruder Alarms

Safeguard against forced entry to your premises to protect your physical and intellectual property.

IP NRG intruder alarm systems are the next generation of smart alarm that provides a high level of protection of your site and buildings from intruders and unwanted visitors. IP NRG's Intruder alarms have sensors at the doors or windows at entry point to the premise. Sensors can also detect motion and be placed underfoot to detect people walking through or standing in areas that need to be protected.

Visual verification of intruder activity with integrated CCTV ensures police response to site is correctly prioritised. CCTV footage may enable identification of intruders and assist in detection.

The benefits of intruder alarms include:

  • Enhanced security provides peace of mind

  • Reduced insurance rates on some policies

  • Smoother insurance claims and possession replacement

IP NRG intruder alarms are Grade 2 to make sure business, commercial and residential premises are protected at all times.

No wires. No worries.

Our systems are Wireless security system for ultimate protection:
  • Deters burglars

  • Prevents fire

  • Detects flooding

  • Streams security cameras

  • Controls appliances

The most award-winning wireless security system in Europe

  • Intruder Alarm of the Year

    Security & Firefighting Risks

  • The Best Innovative Product

Integrated Systems

Integrating systems provide the highest levels of protection to protect the premise. By having all the systems integrated and managed by a single platform provides an intuitive solution.

Types of security systems we integrate include:

  • Intruder Alarms

  • Fire Alarms


  • Access Control

  • Audio/Video Door Entry system

  • Gates and barriers

  • Video/sound Analytics

The main benefits of an integrated security solution include:
  • Intuitive security management

  • More efficient usage of existing systems

  • One direct point of contact to access the system

  • Improved site visibility

  • A centralised star system design and branches for operates to view specific areas at your control

IP NRG fully supports integrated security solutions with maintenance support packages ranging from our entry-level tier 3 support all way to our tailored tier 1 SLAs that means you get the appropriate level of support you need.